Composer | Producer

Greatest Evening


I was commissioned by Western Health to produce audio stories for a formal fundraising event - a great brief, if a relatively rare one.

This was a really great job, not least because of the creative freedom I was given by the people at The Greatest Need, a charity run by Western Health to help fill the gaps left by the health system and social services. The two pieces I produced, which were stories from people working in the system the subject of the fundraiser, were played to a room full of suits and frocks mid-cocktail. With just audio, this was a challenging brief, but with the lights slightly lower and the speakers nice and loud the subtle sound design concepts and the stories themselves came through really well.

I was given a heap of access to the hospital in Melbourne’s western suburbs, where I recorded location sounds, which I then resampled to create instruments for the composition and design elements sitting beneath this piece. I particularly fell in love with the sound of the lift arriving on the third floor and a couple of machines in the emergency room. Listen up - they’re there, though not in their original form.